In-Person Sculpture Marathon – with Brandt Junceau


New York Studio School

Location: New York Studio School 

Date: January 19, 2021 - January 29, 2021, 9 am - 6 pm EST

You’re alone in your studio. You’ve just made something new, and you’re taking a first look at what you have.  Now what?

How do you make more of this thing? What makes it more itself, ready to leave the room and stand up to strangers? What stays in and what cuts? Where to add? What sticks? Where is the new thing’s sharp edge and how does one push distractions out of its way? To the next level.

This Marathon is a course in Practice. Two objectives: one, getting a box of practical methods of augmenting Form, any form. Second, making yourself your own studio visitor: learning to see as if you were someone else. Practice is seeing the new thing cold, protecting it like something warm, and making it aerodynamically sound. We should recognize that new precious something even while it’s weak and awkward, and make it fly.

So, who’s Gaston Lachaise?  A familiar spirit on Eighth Street. He had studios up and down the block, and out back on the mews. It’s good for a course to have a mascot. We’ll apply his gnomic, “augment and simplify” to our work.

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