In-Person Drawing Marathon – with Ilse Murdock


New York Studio School

Location: New York Studio School 

Date: January 19, 2021 - January 29, 2021, 9 am - 6 pm EST

The purpose of this two-week intensive Drawing Marathon is to provide each student with methods and practices concerning the idea of drawing as backbone of studio practice. Drawing is the aspect of unearthing one’s own art and ideas, of moving with an evolving sounding board, of being in a mode of interior thinking and receiving next steps. This course poses drawing as a question or search that will enrich each individual’s particular art context and contemporary perspective. With a strong emphasis on “looking”, at both subjects and drawings themselves, students will work to expand their visual language and strengthen their individual approach through a question they set up for themselves. Returning to this question, as the parameters for drawing broaden, becomes a connective thread towards the weaving of a personal paradigm within one’s work.

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