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What You Need To Know About The Key To NYC

As vaccine policies continue to evolve the Key to NYC program has officially been activated. As part of this policy customers will be required to show proof that they have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine before entering any indoor entertainment, fitness, or dining settings. Below are the most important things to know about this new program. 

Who Needs To Show Proof Of Vaccination? 

Any employees, volunteers, customers or patrons over the age of 12 must display proof of vaccination before entering most indoor settings. A full list of affected businesses can be found here. A business may keep a record of people that have proved their vaccination status, in order to prevent having to bring proof upon repeat visits. Anyone under the age of 12 must wear a face mask when not physically distancing. Suppliers or vendors making deliveries are not required to show proof.   

What Counts As Proof Of Vaccination? 

Proof of vaccination can be presented in different formats. The following are recognized as sufficient proof: 

  • Photo or hard copy of CDC issued vaccination card 

  • Excelsior Pass 

  • NYC Covid Safe App 

  • Record of a vaccination administered outside of the U.S 

  • Official vaccine record 

What If Someone Is Unable To Prove Their Vaccination Status? 

If a customer or patron is unable to prove their vaccination status, then they are not allowed to enter the establishment for more than a few minutes. Activities that are allowed with a face mask include; going to the bathroom, picking up food, paying a bill,  etc.  

What Are Your Next Steps As A Business Owner? 

As a business owner there are several steps that you should take before the Key To NYC is officially enforced beginning September 13th, 2021. One such step is putting up a sign that makes people aware of the vaccination requirement, which can be found here. The sign should be placed in an area visible to customers. Other steps that business owners should start to take are; coming up with an implementation plan for checking vaccination status, becoming familiar with the types of vaccination proof, and making sure that you and the rest of your staff are vaccinated.  

What You Need To Know About The Key To NYC


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