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Return To Theatre With These Greenwich Village Stages

As COVID-19 restrictions are slowly eased, it's time to see theatre safely once again. Before Broadway reopens in the fall, take the summer to experience as many Off-Broadway productions as you can. See below for our curated list of theaters and productions in Greenwich Village to visit over the next month.  

The Player's Theatre

Thanks to The Player’s Theatre’s large repertory, there’s always something onstage that you’ll enjoy. Currently on the mainstage is Spit & Vigor’s The Wake of Dorcas Kelly, a dark comedy taking place at the wake of former madame. If this isn’t up your ally, have no fear, there are also 3 other productions playing this month! 

American Mime Theatre

After going without live theatre for so long, you might want to make your first show back something different and exciting. For a production you haven’t seen before visit the American Mime Theatre in Astor Place. Founded in 1952, this theatre is the home of the performing art known as the “American Mime”. 

The Public Theatre 

Located right in Astor PlaceThe Public Theatre is a true NYC cultural institution. Constantly re-inventing the idea of American theatre, their latest production A Thousand Ways (Part Two): Encounter challenges you to think differently about the world around you in a private moment of theatre. 

Cherry Lane Theatre

Quintessential to Off-Broadway theatre is the one woman show. For one that’s already been deemed several critic’s “Best Pick” come to the Cherry Lane Theatre to see Get On Your Knees. Written by Jacqueline Novak, this comedy has been declared as her “master-work”. 

Orpheum Theater 

For classic Off-Broadway Theatre in Greenwich Village, STOMP is a must-see. Playing at the Orpheum Theatre since 1994, this show has made its mark on NYC theatre and has put Orpheum Theater on the map.  

Return To Theatre With These Greenwich Village Stages


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