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Stop Asian Hate and Support Your Local Community

Since the start of COVID-19 pandemic, inflammatory and xenophobic remarks have increased the risk of violence and harm to Asian and AAPI individuals, communities and businesses. During the past few months hate crimes have surged across the United States and right here in New York City.  We must do our part in providing support and solidarity to the Asian American community.  

The Village Alliance stands in solidarity with the Asian community during this time of hardship and encourages you to support Asian-owned businesses around Greenwich Village. 

East Village dining and nightlife is known for its Asian restaurants and has often been called Manhattan’s Little Tokyo with a plethora of Japanese restaurants. Show your support for Asian-owned businesses by shopping and ordering from the local businesses in the neighborhood.  

Below is a list of Asian-owned places in our service district----if you see one of your favorites missing, contact us here.  

Astor Place and St. Marks 

ReiwatakiyaSzechuan Mountain HouseTeso LifeShimiaodaoCheLi Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit TeaKimomi PetMin SushiMi Ne Deli,T-Swirl CrepeRamen SetagayaOh! Taisho YakitoriKenkaSpot Dessert Bar

8th Street and 6th Ave

DainobuHao Noodle and TeaSouth of Clouds The Bao Shu Han JuRasaLaoMa SpicyYamadaya

Additionally, The New York City Commission on Human Rights has resources to educate the public about their rights and prove protection in light of COVID-19-related stigma and hate crimes.  


Everyone has a right to live free of discrimination. If you have seen anti-Asian harassment, speak up and report it to the NYC Commission on Human Rights by calling 212-416-0197 or filling out this online form.  If you are a victim of or witness a hate crime, call 911.  

Stop Asian Hate and Support Your Local Community


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