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Strangers Project in Greenwich Village

The Strangers Project is now on display in Greenwich Village in the windows of 36 East 8 Street.  Stop by the storefront location to read the stories of others collected by The Strangers Project curator Brandon Doman.

About the Strangers Project

The Strangers Project is a celebration of the stories we are surrounded with every day—both from the strangers we share our space with and the stories we carry. It is about a connection within us, with people around us, and with something greater than ourselves. 

Brandon Doman founded Strangers Project in New York City during the Summer of 2009.  Doman began by setting up in public spaces throughout the city, primarily Washington Square Park, and collecting the heart-filled stories of passers-by.  

Each story is collected in person with pen and paper. In the wake of COVID-19, it has been more difficult to acquire and showcase stories in our city while the hearts of New Yorkers long to feel a connection with others around them. 

The Strangers Project exhibit in the windows of 36 East 8 Street provides a safe way to view the stories of others before and during the pandemic. 

Contact Curator Brandon to Learn More:

General Comments & Questions: hello@strangersproject.com
Brandon Doman (Founder): brandon@strangersproject.com
Press Inquiries: press@strangersproject.com

Instagram: @StrangersProj
Twitter: @StrangersProj

Support the Strangers Project: 

The Strangers Project is only possible with the support of the amazing community that helps push it forward.  Click here to donate.

Strangers Project in Greenwich Village


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