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Take a Self-Guided Tour of Greenwich Village

Steeped in artistic, political and progressive social history, Greenwich Village continues to be a cultural melting pot. The Village has been, and remains a bohemian safehaven, a center of the modern LGBT movement and one of the birthplaces of the Beat and 60's counter culture movements. Explore the history of Greenwich Village, the neighborhood's unique architecture, inspiring women, get a taste of Tokyo and much more. We have mapped out several self-guided walking tours through our district that reflect the past, present and future of The Village.  To view all walking tours, click here.  

Village's Architecture 

The Village is full of surprises. Turn the corner and you may be struck with an incredibly unique building or street. From the narrowest house in Manhattan to the former home of Wanamakers. Enjoy this exploration of some of the Village’s amazing architecture.

Modern architecture and art has been sprouting up over the city for years even in historic and classic Greenwich Village. As you wander around you’ll notice sleek designed modern buildings perfectly interspersed with their older relatives. Take this tour!

Inspiring Women

From Village preservationists like Jane Jacobs to playwright Lorraine Hansberry, the Village has been home to influential women all throughout history. Learn more about how these radical women have helped shape our neighborhood into the culturally rich and progressive character it is today. 

Get a Taste of Tokyo 

Experience a hint of Japan without ever leaving New York. Have you ever walked through the East Village and wondered what went on inside a yakitori, sake bar or noodle house?  Check out the neighborhood for ultimate ramen, grills and gadgets that Japanese ex-pats adore, and so will you!

Unique Boutiques 

Small, independent stores have been attracting people to the Village for years. Enjoy a day of fun, quirky, and unique shopping throughout the Village!  Whether you're looking for a special film camera or a new pair of socks you can find them in the neighborhood at some of our more unique stores.

Politics 101

The Village has a rich and varied political history. Over the years politicians have lived and made their mark in the neighborhood. From First Ladies’ homes, to famous speeches, and even the start of radical political organizations, the Village has seen it all.

Start your trip on the quiet tree-lined Stuyvesant Street and head west through the heart of the Village discovering the neighborhood’s unique political history. 

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Take a Self-Guided Tour of Greenwich Village


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