Astor Place

Greenwich Village Plazas Are Now Open!

Public plazas are once again open to visitors in Greenwich Village! Enjoy a cup of joe at Astor Plate on the Astor Plaza or take a load off on the Ruth Wittenberg Triangle.  Please help keep your fellow New Yorkers safe and healthy by wearing a face covering, maintaining six feet of distance and keeping the tables and chairs inside their designated squares on the plazas.

When enjoying the plazas, please keep the following in mind:

  • Please wear a face coveringIf you would like a mask, ask for a free one at the Astor Plate kiosk (until supplies last). 
  • Keep 6 feet from your fellow New Yorker to maintain a safe social distance.
  • Please keep tables and chairs in their designated squares. 
  • Tables and chairs are routinely cleaned, but not sanitized after every use. You are welcome to clean furnishings yourself before use. 
  • Clean Air is good for everyone's health. Smoking is prohibited on the plazas by New York City law.
  • These plazas are designed for those who walk or use wheelchairs. Skateboarders, inline and roller-skaters and bicyclists must use the adjacent radways.
  • The steps, chairs and benches should be used to relax, and not lay down. All personal items are to be kept near-by and cannot block walkways or seating areas. Mobile furnishings will be put away at 4:00 PM daily.
  • Animals are not allowed in the planting areas. The planters are designed for trees and plants ONLY. Animal urination will kill the landscaping and hurts the air both humans and animals enjoy. 
  • Do not feed the pigeons. Providing pigeons with food will also feed the city rat population which impacts the area's hygiene. 

We also want to send out a huge thank you to our Clean Team for helping to keep our plazas looking fresh and beautiful during this time. The team recently added new planters to Astor Plaza with fresh flora for visitors to enjoy. Thanks for all you do! 

Greenwich Village Plazas Are Now Open!


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