Why You Should Care About the Census

The 2020 Census does more than just count people, it determines where the $650 billion in federal funding will be allocated. From local to state to federal government, the 2020 Census determines the planning of public infrastructure including education, transportation, public institutions and affordable housing.  

The Census also determines how many seats a state will have in the U.S. House of Representatives, electoral college votes, where school districts are bordered, how businesses determine future headquarters and factories, and where health services should be best allocated.  

The Census is so vital to our communities that by law, it is a requirement for everyone to complete.  

When & How to Fill Out the Census: 

Starting Thursday, March 12th, households will begin receiving official Census Bureau mail. The absolute last day to fill in the Census will be July 31st. Please note that the Census Bureau does NOT email, or text people so be aware of scams. The three ways that you can respond to the Census is by: 

  1. Online 

  1. Phone 

  1. Mail 

To explore which questions will be asked and for what reasons, click HERE.  

Potential Concerns: 

  • Because Census counting will no longer be held in public spaces like libraries and local community centers, there is great concern that the survey is more technologically dependent which will affect marginalized communities and seniors.  

  • There will be NO citizenship question on the Census. Due to concerns about undocumented immigrants rejecting to fill out the Census because of deportation fears, the Census has discarded the citizenship question.  

  • All personal information you include in the Census will be kept confidential and will only be used for statistical information.  

  • Originally Census workers planned to knock on resident’s doors, but it is unclear how COVID-19 will hinder this tactic so please be sure and participate in the census via phone, email or mail.  


Why You Should Care About the Census


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