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NYC Participatory Budgeting - Cycle 8

This year 32 Council Members across the city are asking residents to decide how to spend at least $35 million in capital funding.

Community members can vote on capital projects like improvements to schools, parks, libraries, public housing, and other public or community spaces.

Each participating Council Member guarantees funding for the projects that receive the most votes, until their PB funding runs out. 

Scroll down to find out what you can vote for in the council districts within the Village Alliance Business Improvement District.

Learn more about participatory budgeting here.

District 2 - Carlina Rivera

Projects on the ballot - 

  • Science Mobile Carts at P.S. 34.
  • Gym Renovation at P.S. 188.
  • Garbage Compactor Upgrades at Straus Houses.
  • Playground Renovation at Lillian Wald Houses.
  • Basketball Court at Jacob Riis Houses.
  • Playground Renovation- Jacob Riis Housing.
  • Garden Water Source at 6BC Botanical Garden.
  • Iron Fence Installation at El Jardin del Pariso.
  • Street Resurfacing.
  • Countdown Clocks for M9, M14A and M14D.
  • Lift Installation- P.S. 40.

To learn more about each project and where to vote in council district 2, click here.

District 3 - Corey Johnson

Projects on the ballot - 

  • Hudson Park Library Accessible Bathrooms.
  • Air Conditioning for Muhlenberg Library.
  • More Accessible Bathrooms at Park West High School.
  • P.S. 51 Entrance Accessibility Upgrade.
  • Upgraded Water Fountains for Public Schools.
  • Improved Lighting for NYCHA Parks.
  • Gertrude Kelly Park Pathway Repairs.
  • Spray Shower Renovation at McCaffrey Playground.
  • Holland Tunnel Area Pedestrian Safety Improvements.
  • Street Tree Protection Package.
  • More Turnstiles at C/E 50th Street Station.
  • Real Time Passenger Information – Bus Clocks.

To learn more about each project and where to vote in council district 3, click here.

NYC Participatory Budgeting - Cycle 8


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