A Brief History of the Hotel Lafaytette

The Hotel Lafayette on East 9th Street & University Place, 1937! The low cost version of its glitzier sister hotel across the street, the Brevoort, the Hotel Lafayette was best known for its café!

In his 1949 book "Here is New York", E.B White described the café, "It is busy yet peaceful. Nursing a drink, I stare through the west windows at the Manufacturers Trust and Company and at the red brick fronts on the north side of Ninth Street, watching the red turn slowly purple as the light dwindles. The café is a sanctuary. The waiters are ageless and they change not. Nothing has been modernized. . . . the coffee is strong and full of chicory, and good."

The three townhouses which comprised the hotel were demolished in August 1953 making way for an apartment building...aptly named the Lafayette which today includes the Knickerbocker Grill on the corner of University Place and East 9th.

Learn more about the history of the Hotel Layfayette and the Brevoort with these articles from the Greenwich Village Society for Historical Preservation and Ephemermal New York

Photo: Bernice Abbott via the New York Public Library Digital Collections.

A Brief History of the Hotel Lafaytette


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