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L Train Closure - Essential Information

For 15 months starting in April of 2019, all MTA New York City Transit (NYCT) L train service will be suspended across the East River and within Manhattan to repair damage caused by Superstorm Sandy.

There will be significant changes to public transportation across lower Manhattan, including within the Village Alliance District.

Highlighted below are changes taking place specifically within the Village Alliance district, as well as the immediate proximity. These include the 12th/13th Street Bike Path proposal and the implementation of a shared street on University Place. 

There are also links to other information about the entire L Train closure, and key upcoming dates.

12th/13th Street Bike Path Proposal

With the L Train closure, DOT expects bike ridership to double at a minimum. To address this dramatic increase in cyclists, DOT is proposing a westbound bike lane on 13th Street paired with an eastbound bike lane on 12th Street in Manhattan to offer a safe, accessible option for thousands of daily cyclists.

Parking on the south side of 13th St (Greenwich Ave to Ave B), and the north side of 12th St (7th Ave to Ave C) would be removed to allow for six feet wide bike lanes in either direction along the curb. A protected lane is also proposed along Greenwich Ave (8th Ave to 13th St) adjacent to the bike share station along the south curb.

The bike lanes would be separated from the vehicular roadway with painted four- to nine-foot buffers and flexible delineators. Shared and standard bike lanes with no impact to travel lanes or parking lanes are proposed along Horatio St (Hudson St to Greenwich Ave), W 13th St (Hudson St to 8th Ave), and Greenwich Ave (13th St to 12th St) to provide wayfinding connections to 12th and 13th Street. Project details can be viewed here.

University Place - Shared Street Implementation

A  Shared Street will be implemented on University Place between 14th and 13th Streets, including adding curb extensions, adding pedestrian spaces, expanding bikeshare capacity, and adding traffic calming measures.

A shared bike lane will be installed on Union Square West from 17th Street to University Place.

For complete information about the L Train closure and transity changes, click here.

Key Upcoming Dates

  • October - November 2018: Installation of bus and road safety improvements along 14th Street, 13th Street, 12th Street, University Place, and Union Square West

  • April 21, 2019: Alternative transit services, including the new M14 Select Bus Service, the East River ferry service at Stuyvesant Cove, and new L1 bus service, will begin

  • April 26, 2019: Last day of service for the L train

  • April 27, 2019: L train closure begins

Keeping Updated 

There are several ways to register to automaticially recceive information and updates from the MTA and DOT, as well contact them directly with questions or concerns - 

To contact NYCDOT: For additional information about this project, contact Colleen Chattergoon at the DOT Manhattan Borough Commissioner’s Office at or 212.839.6216 or visit their website. To sign up for DOT updates, visit:

To contact MTA: To send the MTA a note, please click here. To receive reconstruction project email updates, click here.

In addition to submitting your comments today, you can also visit for details about the work as it progresses.

L Train Closure - Essential Information


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