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Ancolie Awarded the 2018 Norman Buchbinder Award

Congratulations to Chloe Vichot, founder of Ancolie on West 8th Street, who was last night awarded the 2018 Norman Buchbinder award, at the Village Alliance Annual Meeting.

The award is presented annually to the Greenwich Village property or business owner that most embodies the spirit of Norman Buchbinder, founding President of the Village Alliance.

Chloe Vichot founded Ancolie with the vision of creating an elegant and inviting oasis offering home cooked meals, in a way that is environmentally sustainable as possible. Chloe’s unique concept of sourcing healthy, organic, and sustainably produced ingredients, and placing them in a reusable glass mason jars makes for an innovative, portable and guilt-free dining experience.

Chloe’s passion and dedication to ensuring her businesses is environmentally friendly and sustainable at every touchpoint of her business, has resulted in Ancolie becoming one of the only 4-star Certified Green Restaurants in New York City.

As well her environmental consciousness, Chloe is also a passionate advocate for her local community, working hard work on behalf of local merchants, and with the Village Alliance to help keep 8th Street vibrant and exciting! Chloe has spent countless hours brainstorming new ideas to promote the neighborhood, participating in meetings, and hosting community events inside and outside of her store.

It is this pride in community with a focus on neighborhood revitalization that was the hallmark of Mr. Buchbinder, and for which Ancolie enthusiastically deserves the 2018 award.

Ancolie Awarded the 2018 Norman Buchbinder Award


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