A Valentines Show of Yesteryear!

Happy Valentines!! The Naked Truth starring the Greenwich Village Follies would have been a great show to see tonight!

Picture the setting…a Greenwich Village studio apartment overflowing with scantily clad models, bohemian students of the arts and random folks simply there to stare. The songs never went down in off-Broadway history as being memorable, however, focusing mainly on sex and comedy they always entertained with titles such as Come to Bohemia, Parfum d'Amour and I'll be Your Valentine.

A highlight was the drag comic, Bert Savoy, starring as “Lady Nicotine” while accompanying the chorus girls in renditions of “Come to Bohemia”, while the sexy perfume bottle girls were poured into pools of sandalwood and rose scent elixir. The show always climaxed with a giant Miss Greenwich Village being formed, comprised of the chorines styled as body parts.

Oh the nights!!

A Valentines Show of Yesteryear!


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