Cornelia Street Cafe Needs Your Help!

The Cornelia Street Café is in trouble! Approaching 40 years on this planet and perhaps the last authentic Greenwich Village coffeehouse left standing, they are in trouble. Their rent is seventy seven times what it was when they opened in 1977, with other costs rising proportionally. Of course, they are not alone; many small businesses around the Village have closed due to unsustainable costs. As a result, the legacy and the values we all hold dear, the values of the Greenwich Village coffeehouse (arguably more vital than ever in this political climate) are in danger of extinction.

You may know that the café is now in a position, through the fiscal sponsorship of the marvelous Fractured Atlas, to accept tax-deductible donations for their arts program, now known CORNELIA STREET UNDERGROUND

The café’s arts program is arguably the widest ranging program of its kind in New York City covering poetry in 14 languages, music in as many genres, science, philosophy, stilt walking (really), ventriloquism, legendary performers & beginners and so much more. They have nurtured the careers of thousands of emerging artists and have been around long enough to see some of them become legends.

Cornelia Street café is now to raise $250,000, half of what it costs to put on the 700 shows we present every year. Some folks have already contributed, for which Robin and his team are deeply grateful.

So . . . if you value what the café does. . .it you consider them your artistic home . . .if you view them as central part of our community, even your extended family . . . if you fell in love, launched your career, had a spectacular meal, discovered a remarkable wine, saw an amazing show, or celebrated a milestone upstairs or downstairs…here is what you can do to show your support. 

1. Donate.
Make a tax-deductible donation to our arts program, Cornelia Street Underground via their wonderful Fiscal Sponsor, Fractured Atlas. It is possible to make a one-time donation or a repeating monthly commitment 

2. Visit! Go for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner. Or all four. Savor their award-winning food and wines. Take fiends! See shows. Come early. Stay late!

3. Talk. Contact them with your ideas. Recommend investors or donors (individuals, foundations, corporations, governmental bodies, and others with creative strategies to help us to remain viable).

4. Join. Become part of the vast Cornelia Street Café Conspiracy to support the arts on every level. You can begin by coming to the monthly Artists Salon--the first Thursday of the month at 6pm. 

5. Share. Forward this serious and heartfelt plea to all the artists, sympathizers, diners, activists, and millionaires you know. Now more than ever we need to gather to save our culture.

Lets all help the legendary Cornelia Street Cafe make 40 years and beyond. 

Support, share and love. Thank you! 

Cornelia Street Cafe Needs Your Help!


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    They have to renovate this. All my college memories are related to this café and I can’t believe this is happening to it. I hope they are making plans to bring it back to the way it used to be.

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