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Paparazzi Dog's Arrive in the Village!

You’d be better be looking your best in the Village! The “Paparazzi Dogs” have arrived! 

The “Paparazzi Dogs” have arrived! They’re at the intersection of Sixth Avenue, West 8th Street and Greenwich Avenue. Created by Australian artists Gillie and Marc Art the concept of the artwork is man meets dog meets paparazzo. 

Originally designed for Federation Square Melbourne, the art is now on a World Tour! The dogs are a comment on the prevalence of paparazzi in popular culture, folks can visit the dogs and take their own photos with the paparazzi, allowing them to become their own celebrity! The dog hybrids represent the pack nature of the paparazzi!

Click here to see more of the amazing work created by Gillie & Marc.

Paparazzi Dog's Arrive in the Village!


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