#LoveIsInTheVillage Winners

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Meet Blair and Bae whose faces expressed a happiness and joy in a way words simply cannot, and whose photo won our recent #LoveIsInTheVillage Instagram contest.

Perfectly combining the spirit of #LoveIsInTheVillage with the spontaneity and virility of social media their photo, a selfie, was immediately posted to Instagram with a caption that emotionally contextualized the moment.

The moment? Rewind six years to Valentine’s Day 2010, Blair and Bae stood in Washington Square Park, had someone take their photo (selfies had yet to be been invented) and then told the world [that] ‘we were gonna spend the rest of our lives together’. 


Six years later, now happily married, they returned to Washington Square Park and benefiting from the invention of the ‘selfie’ and Instagram they replicated their photograph. While much in the world changed over six years, Blair & Bae’s had love only gotten deeper.


Blair & Bae will be returning to Greenwich Village soon to enjoy their prize of a $150 dinner at the Greenwich Project restaurant on West 8th Street. Who knows, maybe they’ll take one more selfie in Washington Square Park!

See the original here!

#LoveIsInTheVillage Winners


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    All together are such a beautiful pictures i must say. Just remarkable to gaze at them and it shows your spirit. Yes i agree with your words that picture speaks.

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