Stay Healthy During Flu Season!

Temperatures are dropping in New York City, which means it's flu season! But don't fear! There are lots of ways to reduce your chances of getting sick.

If you haven't gotten your flu shot yet, make sure to head over to Beth Israel Medical Group Immediate Care Center or a local Walgreens Urgent Care and get one ASAP! 


Getting your vitamins can also help you beat the flu. Head over to Invite Health for all of your supplement and nutriceutical needs. Juices from Lifethyme Natural Market or Pure Green can also help you hit your daily requirements. And if you already feel like you're coming down with something, try Liquiteria's "hot shot," made with ginger and cayenne!


Staying active in the winter can help your immune system stay in tip-top shape. Greenwich Village has lots of great options for indoor exercise activities. Try out a class at 305 FitnessCyc or Nimble Fitness. 

Relaxation is also crucial for those trying to stay healthy this season. Stress can make you more suseptible to illness! Indulge in a massage at Pearl Beauty Clinci & Spa or skin and nail care services at Eve Salon. For those who prefer active relaxation, take a yoga class at Yoga Vida or Yoga to the People on St. Marks, or simply take a stroll in beautiful Washington Square Park. 

Stay Healthy During Flu Season!


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