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Place in History: St. Joseph's Church

St. Joseph's Parish was founded by Bishop John Dubois in 1829. As just the 6th Parish established in New York City at that time, St. Joseph's served primarily Irish-Americans in its first years. St. Joseph's Church that we have today, with its neoclassical style architecture, was built in the early 1830s and dedicated in 1834. In 1855, the Church added a school for local children.

Also, St. Joseph's has been one of the most welcoming Catholic parishes to LGBT communities in New York City. Find out more about St. Joseph's involvement in LGBT history through NYC LGBT Historic Sites Project.

St. Joseph's survived a few fires in the late 1800s with some significant damages to the interior of the building, and the process of restoration did not finish until the 1990s. The Church was re-opened with a historic midnight-mass service for Christmas of 1991. St. Josephs continues to serve the Greenwich Village community today under the direction of Father John C. McGuire. 

Place in History: St. Joseph's Church


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