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Public Art Comes to Ruth Wittenberg Triangle

Now that Villagers can again bask in the sun at Ruth Wittenberg Triangle they can also enjoy In Flux, a site specific work by emerging artist John Schriner. Collaborating with Scribble Art Workshop, the Village Alliance commissioned the temporary art piece to enliven the public space in the two months before NYCDOT expands the triangle to increase public space and make it safer for pedestrians.

In Flux is an installation of six unique sculptural paintings whose organic forms emerge from the soil and coil upward with an abstract contrapposto. Each shape is defined by the kinks and curves of the steel wire that unintentionally form as it is uncoiled. Along with the balanced tension in the arrangement of the wires, the simplicity, imperfection, and asymmetry of each composition evoke a sense of wabi sabi. Throughout the exhibition of In Flux, mindful viewers will notice changes both in the weathering of the work and the transformation of the site it occupies.

About the Artist
John Thomas Schriner is an American artist currently living in the Bronx. After graduating with his BFA in Sculpture+Expanded Practice, Schriner moved to New York City to work with Scribble Art Workshop as a teaching artist and further his artistic career. Whether he is using found objects or paint, the materials are manipulated in a way that embraces their physical properties pushing them to their limit. The idea of duality, between painting and sculpture, natural and man-made, and implied vs. actual materials can be seen as a constant catalyst in his work. He has exhibited throughout Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, New Orleans, and New York City. Click here to see more of his work.

You can learn more about the installation and Ruth Wittenberg Triangle by checking out the recent article in the Villager.

Public Art Comes to Ruth Wittenberg Triangle


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