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Village Vanguard: Jazz Staple Celebrates 80 Years

80 years ago in 1935 the famous jazz club the Village Vanguard opened its doors the early bohemians of Greenwich Village. 

Though the club has made its staple as one of the most renowned jazz clubs in the country according to a recent New York Times article and a CBS NYC story, it got its start as a hangout and venue for budding poets and writers. It wasn’t until 1948 that the club officially switched to a jazz only line-up. 

The Village Vanguard has become a staple in the neighborhood. Since 1935 the Village Vanguard has hosted the likes of Thelonius Monk and Robbie Coltrane, as well as Woody Allen and Lenny Bruce. It’s also been the stage for more than 150 live recordings. In the coming month the club will celebrate its big birthday with a mix of performances hearken back to its opening days in the 1930s. You can check out the full March line-up here.

For more information about the Village Vanguard please visit their website or check out this New York Times and/or CBS NYC article

Village Vanguard: Jazz Staple Celebrates 80 Years


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