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Find Your Alter Ego: Halloween Shopping in the Village

Halloween is just around the corner. Do you know what you’re going to be? With plenty of unique stores you’re bound to find something perfectly wacky and scary in the Village.

Be sure to check out these options:

Uncle Sam’s Army Navy Outfitters:Planning a military inspired costume? Uncle Sam’s is the perfect place to make it just right.

Monk Thrift Shop: A well-curated shop for your decade-by-decade costume ideas.

Goodwill: This consignment chain has affordable, one-of-a-kind accessories for your one-of-a-kind costume.

Ricky's:  Costumes and beauty products to keep you "Lookin' Good & Feelin' Good!"

Trash and Vaudeville: Have you decided on a Rock n’ Roll styled costume? Stop in here, where musicians having been coming for their authentic attire since 1975.

Search & Destroy: Living the punk dream on St. Marks Place.

Village Party Store: Swing by your neighborhood party story for an array of pre-packaged costumes, make-up and decorations.

Once you’ve got the right costume be sure to show it off during the Village's 41st Annual Halloween Parade

Happy Halloween!

Find Your Alter Ego: Halloween Shopping in the Village


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