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The Marlton Hotel Returns to W. 8th St.

Sean MacPherson's newest masterpiece, The Marlton Hotel, is now open on West 8th Street and it's creating quite a buzz. Like so much of Greenwich Village, the hotel has a strong connection to our neighborhood's bohemian scene, acting as home to Jack Kerouac, Neil Cassady and Valerie Solanas during its days as a S.R.O. (single room occupancy) hotel. MacPherson's hotel pays homage to that past while creating an atmosphere that is not only ideal for guests but residents of the neighborhood.

The Marlton espresso bar, Ferndell, is the perfect place to meet a friend for a cup of coffee or an Italian-style espresso. And in early January the hotel's restaurant will open to the public adding another great eatery to West 8th Street. So whether you have friends staying at The Marlton or not, stop by and enjoy one of the Village's most exciting new offerings.

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The Marlton Hotel Returns to W. 8th St.


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