Best Thanksgiving Meals in the Village

Giving thanks is a little easier when you're partaking in a great meal and a lot easier when you don't have to cook said meal. Here's a little help for those of you looking for just the right restaurant this Thanksgiving. (Don’t forget to make a reservation.)

Knickerbocker Bar and Grill
33 University Place  |  (212) 228-8490
Famous for its live jazz, Knickerbocker is also home to an amazing Thanksgiving spread. Follow tradition and go for the roasted turkey with corn bread stuffing, candied sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, cranberries and gravy or enjoy such delicacies as “Knickerbocker’s Famous T-Bones.” Either way, don’t pass up the pumpkin pie topped with whipped cream. Browse their full Thanksgiving menu here.

Peacefood Cafe
41 E 11th St  |  (212) 979-2288
Each day Peacefood Cafe serves up delicious, innovative, and healthy vegan cuisine and Thanksgiving is no different. Treat yourself to their compassionate Thanksgiving dinner with entrees and sides that put a vegan twist on one of our Nation's most traditional holidays. Browse their full Thanksgiving menu here.

Waverly Restaurant
385 6th Ave  |  (212) 675-3181
Waverly Restaurant is a historic landmarked diner that has classic American fare down to an art form. Roast turkey is but one of the specialty dishes this Thanksgiving but you won't find a menu online (or a webpage for that matter) so you'll have to stop by in order to take in the full menu.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Village Alliance!

Best Thanksgiving Meals in the Village


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