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Positively 8th Street Trends and Available Properties

Thank you to all who attended and participated in the Positively 8th Street Retail Open House.  On November 6th, dozens of brokers, retailers and those just interested in 8th Street stopped by 48 West 8th Street to learn more about local the storied block, pick up trends and demographics, and tour available properties.

If you were not able to attend, don't despair!  Click any of the links below to download copies of the event materials:

Map & Listings

Icon P8St Map & Listings (229.9 KB)

Icon 1 East 8th Street (170.3 KB)

Icon 10 East 8th Street (411.6 KB)

Icon 13 East 8th Street (121.6 KB)

Icon 18 West 8th Street (1.7 MB)

Icon 40 West 8th Street (138.9 KB)

Icon 48 West 8th Street (407.5 KB)

Icon 50 West 8th Street (600.4 KB)

Trends & Demographics

Icon Trends & Demographics (340.5 KB)

Icon Business Testimonials (266.7 KB)

Icon Marlton Hotel (2.0 MB)

Icon 8th Street Food Mecca (290.4 KB)

Map & Guide

Icon Map Key (2.0 MB)

Icon Central Village Map (3.6 MB)

Positively 8th Street Trends and Available Properties


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