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Atop the Washington Square Arch

You've probably seen the small door on the western wall of the arch in Washington Square Park but you probably haven't seen the inner stairwell that leads you to the top of the arch where the views are as unique as the park itself.

Sadly, you won't be invited up to the top of the arch anytime soon but luckily Evan Bindelglass of the Gothamist chronicles his journey to the top with expert tour guide and director of historic preservation for the New York City Parks Department, John Krawchuk.

Check out the full article and more photos from Gothamist here.

Washington Arch's mini door.


View from the top of the arch up Fifth Avenue.


View from the top of the arch looking toward NYU and One World Trade Center.


The circular stairwell concealed within the marble clad facade of the arch.


View from the top of the arch looking into the fountain and central plaza of Washington Square Park below.

Atop the Washington Square Arch


  1. Harry Matthews
    Harry Matthews on 10/04/2013 8:24 p.m.

    Back in the '20s, a band of artists, musicians, and writers climbed the spiral stairs to stage a picnic and celebrate the proclamation of "The Republic of Washington Square," by reciting the word "whereas" a hundred times. They left a lot of empty wine bottles and Japanese laterns to annoy the locals.

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