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Made in Greenwich Village

Elementary_MillerLiu_WSP.jpgJonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu in Washington Square Park

While spotting a celebrity in the Village isn’t all that uncommon these days, the past couple of weeks were even more star studded than normal as West 8th Street and Washington Square Park were turned into backdrops for both big and small screen productions. It started with the filming of CBS’ Elementary, a modern take on Sherlock Holmes with the venerated detective solving cases in the Big Apple with his trusted, and now female, sidekick Dr. Watson. In between takes costars Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu enjoyed a picture perfect day in the park near the fountain.

As Elementary wrapped up in Washington Square Park the filming of Finally Famous starring Chris Rock and Rosario Dawson took over West 8th Street. Finally Famous, in which Rock is also the director, is about a comedian who wants to reinvent himself as a serious actor in his new film. Rock and Dawson both looked quite at home in the Village as they took advantage of the culinary offerings of Sticky’s Finger Joint and Olio e Piú during their afternoon of filming.

Rock_OlioePiu.jpgChris Rock at Olio e Piú

Top photo: Lukitari

Middle photo: Olio e Piú

Bottom photo: Sticky’s Finger Joint

Made in Greenwich Village


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