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Explore Side Streets with Manhattan Sideways

Manhattan Sideways explores the treasures of local side streets like 8th Street and documents each and every place. From boutiques and bars, to food and furnishings, to galleries and gardens, Betsy and her team pound the pavement and share their stories.  This is a great mission that we support, and so can you by contributing to their Kickstarter campaign!

The folks at Manhattan Sideways are passionate about the need to recognize and promote small businesses. Side streets are generally devoid of major retail stores and restaurant chains, which is part of what makes exploring the routes so satisfying, and encourages people to search for places beyond the familiar ones on their own block or on those that they pass in their daily commute to work.

With this in mind, Manhattan Sideways is a blog for native New Yorkers, transplants, and tourists alike. It is meant to be an entertaining, enticing and eclectic resource for anyone willing to venture out and truly discover the side streets of Manhattan.

So check out Manhattan Sideways and help drive traffic to our local businesses.  And be sure to drop them a few bucks by June 9th if you support their mission.

Explore Side Streets with Manhattan Sideways


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