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MTA Vent Plant at Mulry Square Begins Construction

Just outside of our district is Mulry Square. This small triangular lot at the intersection of Greenwich Avenue and Seventh Avenue was once thought to be the site of the diner depicted in Edward Hooper's famous painting Nighthawks.

Villagers will also recognize it as the home to the "Tiles for America" 9/11 memorial. This home-grown tribute to the World Trade Center attacks was a special place for many New Yorkers. The tiles are currently on display at Jefferson Market Library during the planned construction at Mulry Square.

The MTA currently owns the site and is developing plans to construct a ventilation plant on it. The agency has released several phases of designs, which all are discussed (along with construction details) by the New York Timeshere and DNA Info here.

MTA Vent Plant at Mulry Square Begins Construction


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