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#Trending in the Village


As Jack Kerouac’s -and many of the Beat poet’s- old stomping grounds we can’t resist pointing out when one of our “regulars” pops up in the media again. Enjoy this great article from The New York Times about one of Jack’s other locales: Washington State’s Desolation Peak. Read all about it here.

Dropping a culture level or two: one of our very own Village Alliance trash cans was spotted on ABC’s Don’t Trust the B... in Apt. 23! Our sturdy receptacles not only keep the street clean, they decorate sets. James Van Der Beek probably threw something away in there and it’s probably worth millions.

In other television related news, CBS’ crime drama Blue Bloods camped out on 8th Street recently to shoot some scenes around the Village. The trailers were right outside our office in fact.

Let us know if you see the Village in print or on screen! We like to put it all on screen one more time.

#Trending in the Village


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