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#Trending in the Village

The Village has been famous for a long time now. It’s the neighborhood of famous musicians and celebrated artists, of Sex and the City and Woody Allen. From the silver screen to the small one and from glossy magazines to viral blog posts: the Village gets mentioned all over. Here’s where you might have noticed the neighborhood lately.

Lomography captures New York’s best hoods

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Time Out NY detailed some of the city’s most popular and yet-to-be-discovered places to live. Lomography ensured the photographers provided perfect visuals of the neighborhoods. The article and snapshots can be seen here.

Keep the Lights On uses Greenwich Village as a set

A Sundance favorite by Director Ira Sachs, Keep the Lights On focuses on the turbulent relationship of two men who meet in New York circa 1997. It also happens to focus on Greenwich Village. Throughout the movie, you’ll catch glimpses of neighborhood landmarks like Knickerbocker Bar and Grill, Julius Bar, and Three Lives Bookstore.

Director Ira Sachs points to the neighborhoods importance both in the film and in his real life in an article recently featured in the Village Voice   “The Knickerbocker Bar and Grill on University Place is one of several homes away from home Sachs winds past. He points out two tables: one up front where he used to sit with his ex, and another in back where he now sits with his husband, the artist Boris Torres. Across the street—in the film and Sachs's own life—is where an explosive fight helped point toward an eventual breakup. ‘This block is the past, is the present, is the movie,’ he says.”

Keep the Lights on is now playing at Chelsea Clearview Cinemas

Glee moves to Washington Square

The popular musical TV franchise that took the country by storm with its iTunes hits and 3D concert movies is now filming around the Village. Rachel (Lea Michele’s character) has recently made the move to NYC to make it big on Broadway and finds herself spending a lot of time in and around Washington Square.  She might even take advantage of our remaining Back to School Student Discounts.

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#Trending in the Village


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