The Umbilical Brothers SPEEDMOUSE re-squeaked


Theatre 80

Performed on an empty stage but harnessing creatively manipulated lighting and the audience’s imaginations, Speedmouse is a comedy experience unlike any other.  In fact the Brothers challenge anyone to describe the show after they see it.  It’s made people in Britain, Singapore, Sweden, Australia and New Zealand laugh like idiots – no mean feat considering New Zealanders hate Australians. And it was crowned Stage Production of the Year at the Australian Comedy Awards, again no mean feat, considering they only held the awards once.  Ever.

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“Australia’s hottest export since Vegemite” (TimeOut-NY)

” Two Blokes acting the maggot and having a lot of fun in the process.  Wildly imaginative in conception and suitably breathless in execution- IT’S  COMEDY GOLD!” Irish Independent

My faith in comedy was restored” The Times (London)

Get your hands on a ticket! The Umbilical Brothers inhabit a cartoon world where the normal rules just don’t apply…It is all splendidly childish at the same time as being fiendishly clever.” Scotland on Sunday

The legendary Aussie duo return to New York  with their acclaimed show Speedmouse re-Squeaked  .

Some of the most cleverly articulated comic theatre you’ll ever see” Sun-Herald (Aus)

They truly seem to be psychic twins, joined in an irresistible conspiracy to commit comedy, silly behaviour of the highest calibre” – The NY Times”

‘Jaw-droppingly clever and funny” The Scotsman

“Brilliant! It had me in tears by the end, such is the onslaught of humor. It is the definition of  inovation” The Stage

Manages to suck laughter out of  you more thoroughly than a vacuum-wielding plastic surgeon” Sydney Morning Herald