Special Benefit Screening of MALA MALA


IFC Center

IFC Center presents a special encore benefit screening of this critically acclaimed documentary, which had its theatrical premiere at the theater in July 2015.

MALA MALA explores the intimate moments, performances, friendships and activism of trans identifying people, drag queens and others who defy typical gender identities in Puerto Rico. The film features Ivana, an activist; Soraya, an older sex-change pioneer; Sandy, a prostitute looking to make a change; and Samantha and Paxx, both of whom struggle with the quality of medical resources available to assist in their transition. Hailed as “Sensitive and thoughtful” by the New York Times and an audience favorite at the Tribeca Film Festival, MALA MALA affirms that the quest to find oneself can be both difficult and beautiful.

All ticket sales from the October 16 screening will support hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico, via donations to the Hispanic Federation, the Centro Communitario LGBTT de Puerto Rico (including work by Ivana Fred, one of the activists featured in MALA MALA), Museo de Arte Contemporaneo (MAC) / Artist Emergency Fund and other organizations.