LIKE HENRY THE SIXTH, BUT COOL feat. Natalie Walker and Jamar Williams


440 Studios

Graham Techler's LIKE HENRY THE SIXTH, BUT COOL will be presented as a reading as part of the Bridge Residency on October 14th at 3:30 PM. The reading is directed by James Presson.

Henry the Fifth is dead and England is screwed. The English lords scramble to crush a new French rebellion, all while dealing with a looming civil war, dumb medieval laws, and a completely useless boy king. It's HENRY THE SIXTH, PART ONE (the bad one) re-written as a high fantasy farce complete with sex, violence, and music that spans punk, funk, and cowboy ballads. You've never seen Shakespeare like this and honestly, you probably didn't want to.


The reading will be held at the Robert Moss Theatre in Astor Place (440 Lafayette, 3rd Floor). Admission is free. For more information about the Bridge Residency, visit