Dragons, Books and Roses: Video Projection on Deutsches Haus at NYU


Deutsches Haus

As part of the world-renowned Catalan festival “St. Jordi in New York: Dragons, Book and Roses,” visual artists Laia Cabrera and Isabelle Duverger (Laia Cabrera & Co.), will emblazon the emblematic NYU building of Deutsches Haus at NYU with flying dragons, dancing roses, and books, on Friday, April 21st, at dusk (around 8 p.m.). 

Deutsches Haus at NYU has joined “St. Jordi in New York: Dragons & Books & Roses” by co-presenting two literary events and turning its building into a canvas for the imagination of Cabrera and Duverger, exploring new ways of using space and the visual imaginary as a tool for storytelling and audience connection.

Video projections by award-winning artists Laia Cabrera & Co. will transform the walls of Deutsches Haus at NYU with a visual evocation of literature and legend in the heart of Greenwich Village. Laia Cabrera & Co’s work has been awarded and featured internationally in landmarks like the Tempietto di Bramante in Rome, the historic Georgetown Canal in Washington, D.C., St. John the Divine Cathedral, Times Square, and the White Box Art Gallery in New York.

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