Exciting New Businesses Open Across Greenwich Village

During the past two months eight new businesses have opened across the central Village and St. Marks Place. 

The diverse and exciting range of food and lifestyle stores, bars, and restaurants reflect the continued confidence small and medium size business owners to continue investing and diversifying into Greenwich Village. 

In the coming weeks several more new businesses will be announced for 8th Street, in addition to the much anticipated openings of Shakespeare & Co. on Sixth Avenue and New York City's first Nutella cafe on University Place.

Highlighted below are the latest openings. 

Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company 

63 East 8th Street 

Popularly admired across the city, Brooklyn Bagels has just opened their brand new 4th location on East 8th Street.

With a wide variety of spreads, daily fresh baked bagels, and handcrafted sandwiches, Brooklyn Bagel is a reliable breakfast or lunch spot that caters well to the neighborhood’s workers and students. 

Buttercup BakeShop 

61 East 8th Street

Buttercup BakeShop, known for their decadent sweets, opened their 4th location this month right on 8th Street.   

Situating itself amongst other popular bites, Buttercup Bakery offers cupcakes, cakes, bars, cookies, pudding and pies—a perfect place to indulge your sweet tooth after lunch on 8th Street.

Existing Conditions

35 West 8th Street 

Existing Conditions blends cutting-edge science, classic cocktails and hospitality without a lot of fuss. It offers an exceptional guest experience where deliciousness reigns and the mood is fun and welcoming.

A cocktail bar in collaboration between Dave Arnold (Booker and Dax), Don Lee (PDT) and Greg Boehm (Cocktail Kingdom). 

Heavenly Market Deli

44 East 8th Street

An expansive deli serving sandwiches, smoothies, and make your own salad options.

Providing delivery, and stocked with pantry items, Heavenly Market Deli provides exceptional convenience to the residents, students, and workers in the area.


17 West 8th Street 

Since 1959 United Kingdom based Vitsoe has made long-living furniture that always strives to be better rather than newer. Vitsœ stands for the inordinate power of good design in everything it does, both in its business and its furniture.

With premiere design, completely customizable units, and the highest quality materials, Vitsoe provides world class works.

Vitsoe moved to 8th Street to get closer to their clientele who they believe are true villagers looking for quality and taste. 


59 East 8th Street 

A modern, urban and Vegetarian hummus place, serving hot hummus dish as fresh as it can be! They will begin to grind the fresh hot chickpeas only after they receive your order! The whole process is in front of you and with a big warm smile.

Wildly popular and a major hit in Israel, Vish expanded to New York City this summer and has chosen 8th Street as their first international location.

They serve some of the most authentic hummus in the city, with the option of adding all sorts of Mediterranean toppings. 


26 St. Marks Place

886, named after Taiwan’s area code, is St. Mark’s Place’s newest Taiwanese restaurant.

Serving quick bites, as well as traditional classic meals, 886 has garnered tons of attention online, with lines forming out the door.

This affordable spot is classy, yet casual and at the very least impressive. 


33 St. Marks Place

Delicious and fast noodles, ramen, and pho for eat-in, take-out, and delivery. 


For the very latest updates on new store openings follow our Greenwich Village and Astor Place Facebook pages.

Exciting New Businesses Open Across Greenwich Village


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