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8th Street Water Main Replacement Project

As you are probably aware the New York City Department of Environmental Protection will shortly begin construction work to replace the water main serving 8th Street.

This water main is now over 120 years old, causing many occurrences of serious flooding in several basements. Because of this the NYC Department of Environmental Protection has categorized replacement of the main as an emergency. Construction work is currently scheduled to commence on August 20th.

Project Partners & Responsibilities 

  • This project has been commissioned by the NYC Department of Environmental Protection. The project contractor is the NYC Department of Design & Construction (DDC). 

  • The DDC have appointed a dedicated Community Relations Manager, Myriam Benjamin, who will issue updates and be yours, and our, first point of contact for questions relating to construction and construction site conditions. Myriam can contacted on 212-643-1654 or via email; meda003ccl@gmail.com 

  • The Village Alliance will advocate for businesses and residents alike, communicating with our elected officials and city agencies to ensure impact is kept to a minimum.

  • The Village Alliance will communicate construction notifications and updates via email, and Twitter. Our Twitter handle is @GrnVillageNYC, we will tweet using the hashtag #8thStWaterMain


  • We have been informed a water main test shutdown will take place next Tuesday, August 7. (Monday night into Tuesday Morning).

  • The water will be shutdown between Midnight and approximately 4:00am. Full details are available on the DDC Community Advisory by clicking here. This will affect West 8th Street, and Sixth Avenue between West 8th & West 9th Streets only. Not East 8th Street.

  • Construction to replace the water main is currently scheduled to commence on August 20, with work starting at the Sixth Avenue end of 8th Street, gradually moving East to Broadway. The Village Alliance is seeking to delay the start date so businesses and residents have more time for contingency planning. 

  • Water may be shut-off two to three times a week at hours to be determined nearer the time of planned shut-off's. DDC will provide a 72 hour e-mail notification of water shut-off's. 

  • DDC expect construction work to take up-to three months from the start of construction. 

The Village Alliance will speak with elected officials and city agencies about possibly delaying the start date. To assist us with this effort please email info@greenwichvillage.nyc stating the three month window you would ideally prefer work to take place. For example, October - December, November - January etc.  

The Village Alliance is open Monday - Friday 9:30am - 6:00pm. Please feel free to visit or call us anytime to discuss concerns and questions you may have.

8 East 8th Street, New York, NY


8th Street Water Main Replacement Project


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