New York Restaurant Week - Summer 2018

New York Restaurant Week opens July 23rd through August 17th, with some tantalising menus and offers to savor right here in the Village! 

The Village Alliance has also launched a new comprehensive dining guide featuring the all the places to eat and drink across the central Village, from fine-dining to quick bites and beer parlors to cocktail chemistry, our guide has you covered. Click the link below to view the guide.

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Enjoy New York Restaurant Week in the Village with NetaLoring Place, and Nix. Scroll down to see their delicious menus for every time of day, every day of the week, from brunch to lunch to dinner there's something for every palette! 

For a complete guide to Greenwich Village restaurants participating in New York Restaurant Week, click here

Loring Place

Loring Place offers seasonal, local, American cuisine by chef Dan Kluger in the heart of Greenwich Village.

This is the first solo venture for Kluger, who is celebrated for bright, balanced, vegetable-forward dishes. The menu, comprised of small and large shareable plates, spotlights farms and farmers whom Kluger has gotten to know intimately over 20 years of frequenting the Union Square Greenmarket.

Kluger’s preparations are bold in spice and flavor but refined in execution. His ability to create bites that simultaneously deliver notes of sweet, salty and sour is at the heart of his cooking.

For the menu and reservations, click here.


This elegant and casual Japanese restaurant presents the best neta (Japanese for the fresh ingredients of sushi) with unique preparations and warm service for a special dining experience.

Chef Sungchul Shim hails from Korea, where he developed his love for food and cooking. In his career in New York, he has worked in many of the City’s finest kitchens, including three-Michelin-star Le Bernardin, Aureole, Bouley, Peacock Alley, and Gordon Ramsay at the London.

Chef Shim also learned the fine art and techniques of Japanese cuisine, training directly under the executive chef of Momoya.

For the menu and reservations, click here.


A vegetarian/vegan restaurant that celebrates the deliciousness of vegetables, from chef John Fraser and former Condé Nast creative director James Truman, Nix is the only veggie restaurant in the US with a Michelin star.

Soft lighting and sensual design complement a menu that is both health-conscious and pleasure-driven, from citrus-and-chili accented jicama salad to shiitake "cacio-pepe" and cauliflower tempura with pepperoni spices and steamed buns.

Seasonal fruits, herbs and spices inform an innovative list of cocktails and non-alcoholic sodas.

For the menu and reservations, click here.

For a complete guide to eating and drink in the Village year round, click the link below.

Icon Greenwich Village Dining Guide (4.7 MB)
New York Restaurant Week - Summer 2018


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