Village Alliance

2018 Community Survey Results

Each year the Village Alliance undertakes a community survey to assess our performance in fulfilling our mission of ensuring our district continues to grow and succeed, and enhancing quality of life by creating a cleaner, safer and more enjoyable environment.

Our thanks to all those who took the time to complete the survey, participants included local businesses, residents, cultural & academic institutions and other key constituents.

The responses provide valuable perceptions and opinions about the neighborhoods strength and identifies opportunities for improvements.

These opinions help shape and form the priorities and agenda for the Village Alliance in the coming year.  

Summarized below are a selection of survey headlines and findings. To see the complete survey results, click below.

Icon Click here for further Community Survey results. (93.5 KB)

Headline Findings –

  • 89% of respondents rated the performance of Village Alliance as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ in fulfilling its mission.
  • Small business retention, neighborhood character, and cleanliness are the three most important issues currently affecting the Village.  
  • With these issues in mind, 79% of respondents had positive perceptions of public safety and street cleanliness.
  • Despite a strong awareness of the Village Alliance’s Street Beautification Program, almost 50% of respondents would like to see additional street-scaping happen.
  • During 2017, over 80% of respondents attended at least one Village Alliance event such as Positively 8th Street and Astor Alive.


Additional Qualitative Comments –

  • Homelessness, low street lighting, and shuttered storefronts contribute to negative perceptions of public safety.
  • Additional seating, greenery, and more public art are cited as additional areas for street-scape improvement. The Village Alliance has already expanded its public art program with recent installations including the Poetry Juke Box on the Ruth Wittenberg Triangle and the Last Three rhino sculpture at Astor Place.
  • Although many respondents attended Village Alliance events, some suggested ideas for additional events to include food fairs, historic themed events, happy hours, and networking.
  • Many local residents and employees frequently use the Village Access card, taking advantage of its exclusive discounts with local shops and restaurants. Some respondents expressed a desire for an expansion of offers, better visibility, and a dedicated monthly email.

Finally, we asked what people most love about the Village. Not surprisingly the sense of community, diversity and small businesses, coupled with low zoning and historic character ranked as the most important sentiments. These qualities make Greenwich Village the unique and diverse neighborhood it is, and qualities that the Village Alliance will continue to advocate for and enhance.

Although we conduct this survey annually, we welcome comments and feedback year round, so we can address issues and concerns as they happen. Contact us by phone, email, and social media or by visiting our office at 8 East 8th Street during regular business hours.

2018 Community Survey Results


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