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2018 First Quarter Retail Report

Which Village businesses are over 25 years old? Which new ones call the Village home? Where is retail space available in Greenwich Village? The answers are in our First Quarter Retail Report which focuses on the current retail environment in Greenwich Village.

During 2018 the Village Alliance celebrates it's 25th anniversary, our report highlights those businesses which have traded for 25 years and more. Our neighborhood is filled with every type of shop from small mom-and-pops, to local New York City and national retailers.

With a population of over 50,000 people and an average median income of $110,000, the area caters to working professionals, college students and everyone in between. 

Released four times a year, the report provides a snapshot of the different neighborhoods within our district, highlighting their characteristics as well as recent retail openings and availabilities.

To read the report, click here

2018 First Quarter Retail Report


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