Village Vitality Returns!

Begin 2018 the right way with Village Vitality, two weeks of extraordinary fitness, beauty, wellness and health food experiences! 

Enjoy FREE fitness classes, exclusive incentives and offers with the Villages’ very best fitness, beauty and healthy eating businesses.

Village Vitality has something for everyone, from high intensity cardio training with New York Sports Club to the artful and precise movements of Pilates with Uptown Pilates. If yoga or boot camp is your scene, then you can do all that with at Three Jewels. If you want to dance and party your way to fitness (who doesn't), head to 305 Fitness where classes feature a live DJ and rhythmic light show.

When you’re finished with sweating make yourself look even more fabulous with hair styling at Salon V for the best cut in the Village and their unique ‘hair facial’. Because beauty starts at home iconic Village apothecary, C.O. Bigelow have created exclusive facial and skincare collections at very special prices unique to Village.

Because looking great and feeling great takes energy we’ve also partnered with Ancolie and EVA’s Kitchen to present some of the best healthy eating to be found in New York, while EVA’s supplements offer exclusive Village Vitality discounts across their range and FREE protein bars!

Join us to take advantage of these very special limited time offers, look through our website, see what you like, then BOOK IT! Village Vitality will “Help You Feel Amazing”!

Village Vitality Returns!


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