Life on 8th Street Photo Exhibit

The recently opened “Life on 8th Street” exhibit created by Manhattan Sideways and presented by the Village Alliance, documents and celebrates the small independent businesses of 8th Street, one of New York City’s most eclectic, creative and vibrant thoroughfares.

Displayed in Il Bambino at 48 West 8th Street, the exhibit of over fifty photographs features 8th Streets independent businesses, their owners and products as well as storied institutions such as the New York Studio School, all shot by the photographers of Manhattan Sideways.

In a first for 8th Street the exhibit showcases why 8th Street remains one of New York’s most inventive streets, from its rich cultural history to the energetic, hugely talented people who today own and run the street's thriving independent businesses, and who keep the street’s magic very much alive.

The exhibit has been curated by Betsy Polivy, the creator of Manhattan Sideways, the award-winning website, that explores the treasures of Manhattan's side streets, painstakingly documenting each business from 1st Street to 155th Street. Having owned and operated a children’s bookstore for ten years, Betsy is passionate about the need to recognize and promote small businesses, especially in a city whose retail landscape is constantly changing, often at the expense of the small independent businesses that give our side streets their diversity and vibrancy.  

Made possible with the generous support of Buchbinder Warren Realty, the Village Alliance are presenting the exhibit as part of their program of events and initiatives to promote the businesses and places of Greenwich Village. This program includes events such as the Positively 8th Street festival, Astor Alive and Village Access card program.

Visitors to the Life on 8th Street exhibit will receive a FREE Village Access card, entitling them to over 80 exclusive offers and incentives at shops’ restaurants, bars and other businesses across the Village.

The exhibit is open daily, 11am-10pm, until December 8th at Il Bambino 48th Street. 

Life on 8th Street Photo Exhibit


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