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Village Alliance Annual Meeting Highlights

The 24th Annual Meeting of the Village Alliance took place on June 20th in the splendid setting of the New York Studio School.

Following opening remarks by Village Alliance President Martin Dresner and Kaitlin McDonough of the New York Studio School, this year’s special guest speakers, James & Karla Murray, local photographers and authors gave a fascinating account of their work and three books documenting New York City’s vanishing storefronts and small businesses.  

Village Alliance Executive Director William Kelley presented the Alliance’s key achievements over the past year and priorities for the coming twelve months. 2016/17 was a period of significant change for the Alliance, with the long anticipated completion and opening of the new Astor Place and Ruth Wittenberg plazas.

The Village Alliance’s key programs of Quality of Life and Streetscape Enhancement and Community Events logged some impressive accomplishments across the district including removing over 1,000 tons of trash, painting over 22,000 street fixtures, addressing 5,500 public safety issues and beatifying the streets with over 100 hanging baskets and planters. The new plazas presented new opportunities to present free community events and marketing initiatives.

Priorities for the coming twelve months include digitizing the tracking of street conditions, expanding the Alliance’s public art program and presenting new retail and property reports. To learn more about the Alliance’s work over the past twelve months and objectives for 2018, read our annual report at the footer of this article

Each year at the annual meeting the Norman Buchbinder award is presented to the property or business owner that most embodies the pride in community and robust attention to neighborhood revitalization that was the hallmark of Mr. Buchbinder, founding President of the Village Alliance. This year’s award honors Edward J. Minskoff Equities, owners of 51 Astor Place.  The meticulous management of the building's public realm and attention to detail behind every element of this newest Astor Place edifice are the reasons Minskoff Equities are the recipients of this year’s award.

The meeting also included a presentation of the annual accounts and a vote to amend by-laws to introduce a staggered board member terms from 2018, to ensure continuity in the management of the Alliance, as well as a permanent Governance Committee of the Board.

For further information about the work of the Alliance read the annual report by clicking here. 

Icon Village Alliance 2017 Annual Report (1.5 MB)
Village Alliance Annual Meeting Highlights


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