Hundreds Dance The Night Away At Astor Blaster!

Astor Place has long been a nexus of spontaneous urban rituals, community gatherings, creative flash mobs, yarn-bombs and mischievousness! Among all this dynamism though there had never been a Silent Disco, all that changed on June 9th with the first ever Astor Blaster Silent Disco, one of a series of events to celebrate this year’s 50th birthday of the “Cube”.

The neighborhood is steeped in musical heritage with the Folkies, Beatniks and Punks all gravitating towards Astor Place and its legendary venues including CBGB where Patti Smith & the Velvet Underground performed, as well as iconic dance clubs such as The Electric Circus and The Saint. This vibrant musical legacy provided the inspiration for Astor Blaster!

Over four hours, hundreds of revelers wore wireless headsets and danced into the night with the pulsating and rhythmic beats of three live DJ’ as the main Astor Place plaza became a huge open-air club, complete with spectacular lighting effects.

Astor Blaster reached its climax with the surprise appearance by the iconic Blue Man Group who call Astor Place home. Three Blue Men suddenly appeared at the decks before jumping into the crowd to dance out the last track with revelers!

The party did not stop at the last track; revelers were treated to coupons for exclusive Astor Blaster After Party deals at six fantastic local bars and venues including Webster Hall.

Astor Blaster may have been a first for Astor Place, but it probably was not the last either! Until the next time…

Hundreds Dance The Night Away At Astor Blaster!


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