Place in History – Presidential History

This Presidents Day we take a look back at the Presidential history of Greenwich Village including Abraham Lincoln's famous speech at Cooper Union's Great Hall.

Perhaps the most significant moment came on February 27, 1860 when in the Great Hall of the Cooper Union, Abraham Lincoln delivered his “right makes might” address, which is credited with wining him the nomination to the Presidency of the United States, click here to read the speech in full. Many sitting Presidents have since spoken in the Great Hall securing it a place in Presidential History.

Over eighty years later Americas longest serving First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, chose to make Greenwich Village her home, moving into 29 Washington Square following the death of her husband Franklin Delano Roosevelt. During this time the former First Lady remained active in politics including being a United Nations Delegate and Chairperson of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights. 

Another former First lady, Elizabeth Schulyer Hamilton lived on the fringes of Greenwich Village and the East Village at 4 St. Marks Place in the years after her husband President Alexander Hamilton was killed in a duel with Aaron Burr.

To learn more about the presidential, political and revolutionary history of Greenwich Village take the ‘Politics 101’ self-guided walking tour!

Many other Presidents have also spoken at the Cooper Union Great Hall including Clinton and Obama. During the 2008 presidential campaign then Senator Obama gave a major speech there titled 'Renewing the American Economy', this was the first major economic policy campaign speech he gave. Read the speech here.

To learn more about the presidential, political and revolutionary history of Greenwich Village take the ‘Politics 101’ self-guided walking tour!

Place in History – Presidential History


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    Alexander Hamilton was never President. He was Secretary of the Treasury under President Washington.

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