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Cyc’d for the New Year

David Barton Gym has brought cycling sensation Cyc to Greenwich Village so let's take a look at what you can expect from this new twist on the indoor cycling craze.

Like many other cycling programs it's high-energy and incorporates great music, but the Cycologists (Cyc's term for their instructors) guarantee that each ride will be unique and that their access to new remixes and unreleased songs will set the playlists apart from the competition. The workout is designed to engage the whole body by incorporating weights and movements inspired by over 20 sports.

Cyc's social component makes it easy to flirt with another cyclist by challenging them via the program's progress tracker or saunter right over to them by reserving the neighboring bike. Not sure if there's a block list for those relationships that go awry, but it's a new year so let's stay positive.

Keeping you motivated seems to be a top priority of Cyc and they have a few tools depending on your motivation type:
- Goal setters will love the virtual road trip option which allows you to set your destination and then track your progress as you work to get there
- Token seekers will get a burst of energy with each badge they earn on their journey to better health
- Do-gooders will be happy to know that each mile ridden equates to a donation from Cyc to one of their partner charities
Competitors will benefit from Cyc's ability to track each of your workouts and upload it to your online account so you know when you're soaring and when you need to kick it into gear

Classes range from $20-$25 with no monthly subscription necessary and include access to the amenity-packed David Barton Gym before and after the class.


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Cyc’d for the New Year


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